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Gone S/T cassette


Ready for that skull-crushing doom/sludge we lost a few years back? GONE brings a hefty amount of sludge oozing with rhythms to knock your head loose. For their first release, this 5-piece wrecking ball of degenerate sludge comes packed full of that disgust and anguish we all crave. As you crawl through the murky tracks in search of your long lost love of bands like GRAVES AT SEA and SCUMCHRIST you find this ugly, crushing and relentless force. We at SMACK ACTION enjoy this very much!

FFO: Grief, Graves At Sea, Weedeater, Doom/Sludge

Limited edition of 100 red transparent cassette and folded j-card insert packed full of lyrics.

Pre-Order date: 05/22/2022
Ship date: 06/03/2022

Check them out and follow them for upcoming tour dates!
Bandcamp: gonelbc.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @gonelbc

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